Monthly Archives: November 2006

>Mahdi Army to the Rescue?

> Apologies to all non-US readers for not mentioning that this blog would not be updated during the Thanksgiving holiday. And I hope those in the US and abroad who did celebrate Thanksgiving, had a good one. Welcome back. On to the entry… The Washington Post is carrying a story on how in the aftermath of the Thursday bombings –the worst incident of violence since the invasion- it was the Mahdi Army (Muqtada Al Sadr’s militia) that came to the rescue.… Read more

>Iraqi Artist to Hold Show in Texas

>EPIC speaker Wafaa Bilal will be featured in the Pawn Gallery’s (Dallas, Texas) inaugural show entitled “Interior Landscapes.” The show will run from December 1 to the 31st. Go here for more samples of his amazing work. A brief bio: Born in Najaf, Iraq, Wafaa Bilal is a Chicago-based visual artist with both skillful presentation and compelling story.… Read more

>And back to the bad…

>Regardless of whether you believe the number proposed by the recent Lancet Survey, the death- rate of civilian casualties is completely out of control. Yesterday, the United Nations reported that 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October. As the AP notes, this is: “…the highest monthly toll since the March 2003 U.S.… Read more

>Iraq, Iran and Syria- oh my

>Finally some relatively good news out of Iraq: it seems that Syria is willing to help stabilize Iraq. And what’s more, Iran has invitedSyria and Iraq to a summit in order to discuss ways to curb violence in Iraq. As many of you are aware the violence in Iraq has implications beyond the country’s borders; A massive flow of refugees from Iraq would likely destabilize its neighbors, the divisions in Iraq are mirrored in its neighbors allowing for the possibility that these groups will react violently in solidarity with their Iraqi counterparts, and neighboring states may intervene militarily in the civil war turning the conflict into a regional one.… Read more