ISHM: June 9 – 15, 2017

This week's headlines: Operations to Clear Mosul’s Old City See Slow Progress; Use of White Phosphorous of Concern ▪ ISIS Brutality in Mosul Results in Hundreds of Fatalities ▪ Displacement Rates from Western Mosul Sharply on the Rise; Food Poisoning Sickens Hundreds at Nearby IDP Camp ▪ Iraqi Kurdistan Continues to Press Independence Referendum Despite Objections ▪ U.S. Toughens Removal Order Enforcement; Prepares to Deport Hundreds of Iraqis ▪ Gulf State Diplomatic Row with Qatar Partially Caused by Ransom Payment ▪ Security Situation Along Salah ad-Din, Diyala Borders Remains Uncertain

Welcome to Our Summer 2017 Interns!

Three times per year, EPIC welcomes a new cohort of interns – young professionals seeking to add practical experience to their academic backgrounds in humanitarian affairs, international relations, security studies, political science, public relations, and beyond. We are grateful for their contributions to our research, action, and advocacy, and for… Read more

Underneath a Liberated Mosul

In March 2017, EPIC Program Assistant Matthew Schweitzer traveled to the recently-liberated neighborhoods in eastern Mosul. During this trip, he accompanied Layla Salih, Director of Antiquities for Ninewa Province, into tunnels dug by ISIS underneath the now-destroyed shrine and tomb of Jonah (known in Arabic as Nabi Younis). There, ISIS… Read more

ISHM: May 19 – 25, 2017

This week's headlines: Federal Police, PMU Accused of Detaining and Abusing Civilians ▪ Displacement from Western Mosul as Military Operations Grind On ▪ Iraqi Security Forces Push into Last ISIS Neighborhoods in Western Mosul ▪ Iraqi Kurdish Forces Repel ISIS Attack in Tuz Khurmatu; Militants Shift Command to Hawija ▪ Security Situation in Diyala Continues to Unfurl ▪ Major Suicide Attacks in Baghdad, Basra

ISHM: May 12 – 18, 2017

This week's headlines: Residents in Western Mosul Lack Essential Services Amid Reports of Forced Returns; Humanitarian Organizations Prepare for Summer Heat ▪ Advance into Western Mosul Continues; US Ambassador Comments on Hawija and Tal Afar Liberation ▪ Support for IDPs in Anbar; Civilians Executed by ISIS as Security Operations Continue ▪ Security Forces Uncover Mass Grave in Diyala ▪ Kurdish Policymakers Plan to Unify Peshmerga

ISHM: May 5 – 11, 2017

This week's headlines: Iraqi Security Forces Push into Western Mosul; Civilians Return to Cleared Western Neighborhoods ▪ Humanitarian Situation in Mosul Evolves, UNHCR Opens New Camp for IDPs ▪ Anti-ISIS Forces Continue Operations in Anbar ▪ U.S. Combat Troops to Maintain Advisory Role in Iraq Post-ISIS ▪ ISIS Launch Attack on Peshmerga Base with U.S. Presence; Hawija Security Continues to Deteriorate

Our Report from Mosul and More…

Our recent publications focus on Iraq's most immediate humanitarian needs, the importance of strong U.S. and international commitment to peace and reconstruction, and the urgency of supporting political moderates who can carry Iraq forward.

ISHM: APRIL 28 – May 4, 2017

This week's headlines: Mosul Displacement Increases as Humanitarian Funding Goals Only Partially Met ▪ Thousands of Children Out of School in Mosul; Iraqi Kurdistan Struggles to Educate Displaced Population ▪ Mosul Operations Continue on New Axis, with Rising Civilian Casualties; U.S. Soldier Killed in Ninewa ▪ Security Forces Engage ISIS in Diyala Province ▪ Turkey Continues Deadly Air and Artillery Strikes in Northern Iraq ▪ U.S. Military Contractor Accused of Misconduct

ISHM: APRIL 21 – 27, 2017

This week's headlines: Turkish Warplanes Strike Targets in Sinjar, Drawing Condemnation ▪ Reconstruction and Returns Increase in Eastern Mosul Despite Insecurity; U.S. Development Funding in Jeopardy ▪ Operations Continue into Western Mosul as Violence Continues in Tal Afar ▪ Security Forces Launch New Offensives Against ISIS in Anbar and Diyala ▪ Sadrists Meet with PUK in Iraqi Kurdistan as Electoral Commission Head is Ousted

ISHM: April 14 – 20, 2017

This week's headlines: ISIS Grows More Brutal Against Civilians Trapped in Mosul; Flooding Slows IDPs Struggling to Flee the City ▪ Prime Minister Abadi Visits Mosul; Federal Police Progress Cautiously into Old City and ISIS May Have Used Chemical Weapons Again ▪ ISIS Continues to Execute Innocent Civilians in Hawija ▪ Diyala, Salah ad-Din Security Remains Tenuous ▪ VP Allawi Speculates ISIS and al-Qaeda Reunite; New Iranian Ambassador Arrives in Baghdad; U.S. Recommits to Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga ▪ Update on Captured Yazidis, Christian Minorities

ISHM: April 7 – 13, 2017

This week's headlines: Iraqi Kurdish Political Parties Come Together on Independence Referendum as Kirkuk Tensions Simmer ▪ ISIS Executes Civilians Fleeing Western Mosul as Displacement Rates Increase ▪ Military Operations Push into Western Mosul as Talk of Tal Afar Liberation Grows ▪ Humanitarian and Security Conditions in Hawija Continue to Deteriorate ▪ Civilians Return Home in Diyala, Local Officials Decry Social Impact of Displacement on Province’s Youth ▪ Medium- and Long-Term Humanitarian Challenges Threaten post-ISIS Stabilization ▪ Moqtada al-Sadr Condemns U.S. Actions in Syria, Mike Pence Reaffirms Commitment to Iraq’s Counter-ISIS Fight

ISHM: March 31 – April 6, 2017

This week's headlines: ISIS Militants Launch Surprise Attack in Tikrit, Killing 30 ▪ Iraqi Security Forces Establish Evacuation Corridors for Civilians in Western Mosul; Civilian Casualties, Atrocities Continue ▪ Operations in Western Mosul Progress Slowly; ISIS Bombards Eastern Mosul ▪ Security Forces Restart Offensive in Anbar as IDPs Flee Toward Qa’im ▪ Local Officials Raise Kurdish Flag Over Kirkuk, Sparking Row with Ankara ▪ Jared Kushner Visits Iraq with Gen. Joseph Dunford