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Tonight: a TentEd Encore Happy Hour

I’m thrilled to report that our friend and colleague, Zack Bazzi, is on his way back to Iraqi Kurdistan! This will be Zack’s third trip to further TentEd, an EPIC project to support the education of children displaced by war. Over the last year, we have funded school transportation, provided classroom supplies and library books, and rapidly responded to other unmet needs, benefiting hundreds of displaced children and educators.… Read more

President Obama Sits Down with Prime Minister Abadi in the Oval Office

On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met in the Oval Office. Both leaders expressed their commitment to a robust relationship between the two countries, emphasizing priorities for continued cooperation. Several of these priorities reflect the progress that Haider al-Abadi has made in improving governance in his first eight months as prime minister, as we noted in our recent post: The Promise of Reform.… Read more

The Promise of Reform: Haider al-Abadi’s First Eight Months as Prime Minister of Iraq

By Alec Lynde In a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on February 25, 2015, Secretary of State John Kerry offered his remarks on Iraq’s new central government, led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi: Part of the problem in Iraq was the sectarianism that the former prime minister had embraced, which was dividing his nation and creating a military that was incompetent.… Read more