ISHM: February 17 – 23, 2017

This week's headlines: Mosul Airport Cleared, Western Operations Move Forward as Violence Flares in the East ▪ Aid Delivery Resumes in East Mosul as Residents, Agencies Brace for West Operations ▪ PMUs Progress Toward Tal Afar, Continue to Interdict Supply Lines ▪ Defense Secretary Visits Baghdad; Iraq Vet McMaster Named National Security Adviser ▪ Coalition Airstrikes Continue in Anbar, Kirkuk, and Diyala Provinces; Turkey Targets PKK ▪ KRG Looks to Streamline Civil Service, Cut Down on Waste

ISHM: February 10 – 16, 2017

This week's headlines: Uptick in Violence, Bombings in Baghdad; Protests Turn Violent ▪ Aid to Eastern Mosul Restricted Due to Surge in Violence; Returnees Fearful ▪ Airstrikes Continue as Operations Into Western Mosul are Set to Begin ▪ Hawija Still Not a Priority as Residents Suffer Atrocities ▪ Security Situation in Diyala Province Remains Unstable ▪ Reconstruction Investment, Resources for Returnees Much Needed; Parliament Set to Question Displacement and Migration Minister

ISHM: February 3 – 9, 2017

This week's headlines: Abadi Hints He Knows where ISIS Leader is Hiding; Iraqi-U.S. Troop Relations May be Suffering from President Trump’s EO ▪ IDPs Continue to Come and Go From Eastern Mosul; Qayyarah Oil Fires Still Rage ▪ Security Force Shortages Slow Operations in Anbar as Diyala and Salah ad-Din Rely on PMUs ▪ Aid Agencies See Funding Shortfalls Amid Reports of Fraud, Misuse ▪ Iraq Looks to Diversify Economy with World Bank Support ▪ Protests in Baghdad Amid Efforts at Post-ISIS Reconciliation