The troops and TV cameras may be gone, but the violence continues.

  • Since April, waves of car bombs and other attacks have killed thousands
  • More than 3 million Iraqis remain displaced, adding to a regional humanitarian crisis that includes 7 million displaced Syrians
  • There are over 200,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq
  • Obama is proposing 70-95% cuts in US funding for Iraqi peacebuilding, human rights, and civil society

We’re making this a Year of Peace by hitting the streets and social media with our campaign to support humanitarian action and renewed diplomacy for peace in Iraq.

Join us in urging President Obama to put Iraq back on the agenda and to strengthen humanitarian assistance to Iraqis and others fleeing violence today. Sign our petition on!

Here are 4 things you can do:

1)    Sign and share our petition on Facebook and Twitter using #IraqMatters!
2)    Strengthen the support base for our Summer of Peace by collecting contact information from interested members in your community. Neighborhood farmers markets are a great opportunity to meet new supporters! Collect supporter contact information using our sign up form.

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3)    Rock one of our Peace in Iraq t-shirts! By wearing the t-shirt, you help to spread the word about the campaign and with each purchase, $5 will go directly towards supporting the campaign.
4)    Donate to our campaign to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda.

Join the thousands who want peace in Iraq!

\"We have a moral obligation to do all we can to help end the violence.\"
“We caused this mess. We need to clean it up ASAP.”
\"We have a history in the area and should use our experience and influence to increase peace efforts!\"
“I don\'t have another homeland.”
“We cannot leave Iraq like we left Afghanistan after helping the muhajedin defeat the Russian. We all know what happened in the subsequent power vacuum.”
“We created the mess. We have a moral responsibility to follow up.”
\"As an OIF Veteran I would like to see justice and support for the Iraqi people.\"
\"This is important to me because the U.S. has been largely responsible for the decimation of Iraq.\"
\"A stable Iraq is a stable Middle East. A stable Middle East is a stable world.\"
\"I think USA holds the keys to Iraq stability. I ask for peace in my country.\"
\"The United States created a power vacuum when I left Iraq; it needs to create a new Marshall Plan in order to sustain the transition to a healthy state no matter the immediate economic benefit to us. Sometimes doing the right thing requires that we remember that, at one point, we did the wrong thing.\"
\"United States created this mess. It would be criminal for the government not to do everything possible to implement policies that are for the good of millions of innocent Iraqis, and help avoid a civil war.\"

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