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Security and Governance Update with Joel Wing

On September 30th, we got to talk with Joel Wing, who writes the blog, Musings on Iraq, highlighting the latests security developments, the current foreign policy responses, and discuss how Iraq’s prime minister is handling the conflict. Tune in to get a perspective on how the conflict has changed since the beginning of the month and stay tuned for future updates through our blog and our podcast, Iraq Matters.… Read more

Joint Subcommittee Hearings: Attacks Against Religious Minorities in Syria and Iraq

Tom Malinowski, Anne Richard, and Thomas Staal On September 10, 2014, US House Committee on Foreign Affairs held a joint subcommittee hearing to address atrocities committed by ISIS against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria. Christians were often the main focus, however, testimonies shed light on the plight of other minorities, such as Yazidis, Shabaks, and Shia Turkmen.… Read more

Meet Sarah: Untangling Humanitarian Conflicts

Sarah at the Berlin Wall while studying EU politics in Germany. My name is Sarah Chaney (soon to be Reichenbach) and I am the new Communications Intern here at EPIC. I am looking forward to exploring the intricacies of the humanitarian crises in Iraq and helping EPIC spread awareness of Iraqi issues, make foreign policy changes and promote peace in Iraq through creative advocacy and on-the-ground projects.… Read more

This weeks Links: August 10-15

Happy Friday! Here’s some great reading on Iraq as you head into your weekend: Michael Knights talks about the disturbing situation of Ameli, in which 12,000 Shiite Turkmen are trapped behind ISIS lines.  Sebastian Meyer and Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer question the journalistic ethics of Major news organizations as they acquire photos from anonymous sources, often approved by ISIS. … Read more