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Press Releases

Statement on Revised Executive Order – 3/7/2017

Statement on Executive Order “Protecting the Nation…” – 2/1/2017

EPIC Hosts Event with Former Ambassador – 11/11/2016

Campaign Kicks Off to Support Those in Iraq Affected by ISIS – 4/12/2016

Thousands More Allegedly Affected by ISIS’s Chemical Attacks on Taza – 3/24/2016

Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Discusses Reform and the Future of Iraq – 3/09/2016

Delayed Aid Distribution Finally Reaches Iraqis in Need: 250 Families and Children Receive Assistance from American Donors and Partners in Iraq – 3/07/2016

EPIC in the Media

Donald Trump’s War in the Middle East – The Heat – 04/11/2017

Iraqi Residents Worry About Rebuilding after ISIS is Gone – USA Today – 04/09/2017

Obama’s Legacy in Iraq – The Hill – 01/20/2017

Beyond a Military Victory: Reconstructing Iraq After ISIS – IPI Global Observatory – 01/17/2017

The Top Four Things Trump Needs to Know About Iraq – The Hill – 01/12/2017

The Battle to Repair Iraq’s Social Fabric, Beyond Mosul’s Front Lines – World Politics Review – 11/23/2016

Shia Militias and Mosul – The Chicago Tribune (reprint) – 11/18/2016

Shia Militas are Crashing the Mosul Offensive – Foreign Policy – 11/18/2016

Iraq, Once Again, Has Our Attention – The Hill – 10/25/2016

Where and How the U.S. Military is Fighting Islamist Insurgencies – The Diane Rehm Show – 10/19/2016

The Stolen War: How Corruption and Fraud Created a Failed State in Iraq and Led Directly to the Rise of ISIS – New Republic – 08/23/2016

What is the American Dream? – Fair Observer – 05/16/2016

Ongoing Unrest in Iraq – The Heat – 05/06/2016

The Results of a New Poll of Arab Youth Reveal a lot About Our Foreign Policy – Rare – 04/25/2016

On The Line: Danny Gold Discusses the War Against the Islamic State and the Liberation of Sinjar – 12/04/2015

Post-Saddam Iraq, Post-Gaddafi Libya – The Heat – 12/02/2015

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