EPIC has a constant presence in Iraq, with advisors, local partners, and board members engaged on the ground in various capacities. One of our core focuses is supporting local programs that empower youth. In conjunction with local partners, and with the Iraqi youth themselves, we fund, structure, and execute projects that have a tangible impact on young lives. As part of our projects in the field we gather key insights and bring them back to academic, non-profit, and governmental bodies outside of Iraq to coordinate our research with them.



ADVOCACY: Advancing Iraq’s peace and development through responsible U.S. global leadership and conducting youth empowerment research.



Pure-White-708320SOCCER SALAM: An innovative social media campaign to mobilize emergency humanitarian assistance for Iraqi children and families escaping conflict.




TENTED: A rapid impact project that provides tailored support to schools located in refugee camps.



Photovoice bluePHOTOVOICE: A participatory research project that teaches young people how to use the power of photography and their own voices to address issues important to them and their country.