Advocacy is a vital component of our peace-building campaigns. By building awareness of critical needs EPIC strives to protect programs that promote peace, help vulnerable and displaced Iraqis, improve education, and create positive opportunities for the country’s 20 million children and young people.

In 2012, our project to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda petitioned Congress and the Obama Administration to do more to support strong humanitarian action and diplomacy for a more peaceful Iraq. Today, peace in Iraq continues to require a clear, long-term U.S. and international commitment to prevent conflict and build democratic institutions and processes.

Student at Oil Institute by David Bacon

Iraq Peace and Development Working Group

In a collaborative effort we are researching a variety of issues currently facing Iraq. EPIC and NETWORK are proud to co-chair the Iraq Peace and Development Working Group (IPDWG), a community of more than 50 NGOs advocating for changes in U.S. policy to reduce suffering and conflict in Iraq. Initiated by EPIC in December 2006, the group gathers regularly to share information and coordinate strategies. These gatherings are an effort to gain support in Washington for peacebuilding through emergency relief and development in Iraq. With so many different groups and mandates, IPDWG covers a range of issues. Various subgroups are working to: 1) help Iraq’s war refugees and internally displaced persons; (2) better protect Iraqi civilians and assist families harmed by U.S. military operations; (3) increase U.S. support for peacebuilding through development; and (4) promote responsible global engagement to continue supporting Iraq’s ongoing progress. Since EPIC is one of the only Iraq-specific organizations in Washington, we’re finding ways to add value to the efforts of many of our fellow IPDWG members.

Past Projects

Civil Society Petition

In 2010, Barack Obama requested $57 million to support local Iraqi civil society organizations. In 2011, he requested only $32.5 million. With over 1,200 signatures on our petition, EPIC and our members demanded Congress fund local community-based organizations in Iraq. While so many gains have been made in empowering local activists and human rights defenders, EPIC and our members petitioned to ensure those gains were not lost. Congress passed legislation enacting $85.5 million for Iraqi civil society groups.

The Future of Iraqi Civil Society Forum

In 2010, convened policy forum on “The Future of Iraqi Civil Society” with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Corbin, Ellen Laipson President and CEO of the Stimson Center, Manal Omar of the United States Institute for Peace, and other leading experts. This forum, co-organized with the Reserve Officers Association, discussed the need for a robust and independent civil society to secure a strong future in Iraq.

Iraq Action Days

Iraq Action Days was a joint initiative by 24 national organizations working to help Iraqi families who are struggling amid violence, drought, poverty and instability. In April 2008, hundreds of concerned citizens joined us in Washington, DC for a National Iraq Forum with United Nations representatives, government officials, human rights advocates, aid workers, and leading experts from Iraq and the region.

FACES of Iraq Photo Exhibition

Faces of Iraq tells the stories of the Iraqi people who are coping with unimaginable hardships brought on by years of war and political oppression. This traveling photo exhibit shows the work of nine photographers in 40 prints. The images capture the struggles and triumphs of Iraqi families caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The Faces of Iraq exhibit is a unique and powerful way to connect the American public to the people and experiences of Iraq.