Projects in Iraq

EPIC has a constant presence in Iraq, with advisors, local partners, and board members engaged on the ground in various capacities. One of our core focuses is supporting local programs that empower youth. In conjunction with local partners, and with the Iraqi youth themselves, we fund, structure, and execute projects that have a tangible impact on young lives. As part of our projects in the field we gather key insights and bring them back to academic, non-profit, and governmental bodies outside of Iraq to coordinate our research with them.







How do you prevent a generation of lost children? With thousands of Syrian children displaced and relocated in northern Iraq at the Domiz and Gawilan refugee camps; many needs, especially education for the children and youth, surface. TentEd, a rapid impact project, wants to be part of the answer by providing tailored support to the schools located in the camps. The project will respond directly to the requests and needs of school officials and students. By focusing on a set of needs, TentEd looks to complement the established organizations. Learn more about TentEd and how you can help.







Through the power of photography, Photovoice seeks to transform Iraqi communities by engaging the local youth. Picturing Change is a research and youth development project of EPIC in partnership with American University of Iraq – Sulaimani (AUIS) and the Center for International Education (CIE) and the Center for Global Studies (CGS) at George Mason University. The purpose is to teach young people how to use the power of photography and their own voices to address issues important to them and their country. Read more…







EPIC’s flagship project in environmental education in Iraq was the Iraqi Youth Hike, In 2011. EPIC partnered with Nature Iraq and Metrography, two trailblazing organizations in Iraqi civil society. This first hike took nine youths from Kirkuk on a five-day hike that included camera training and exciting lectures from local biologists. Parallel to the goal of learning about nature, the hike was intended to promote increased civic responsibility in protecting Iraq’s natural splendor, as well as a sense of unity that transcends ethnic or religious lines, and provide a diversion from the narrative of violence and conflict. Read more about the 2011 Iraqi Youth Hike. In the future, EPIC hopes to continue hosting hikes for Iraqi youth.