The research that EPIC conducts is used for analysis on current conditions in Iraq. Working with our partners, we use this information for advocacy efforts for promoting peace and empowering young people in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Reports and Analysis Highlights

March 2009: EPIC and the Reserve Officers Association hosted a panel of experts on Iraq to discuss the future of civil society in Iraq: Report on the Panel.
January 2009: EPIC Executive Director Erik Gustafson wrote a compelling piece prior to the elections held that year: The Year of the Ballot Box Begins.
April 2008: EPIC organized the Iraq Action Days . This event was a joint initiative, supported by 23 other organization, to bring awareness to the plights of everyday Iraqis: Iraqi Displacement Crisis.
June 2005: The Progressive published an article written by EPIC executive director Erik Gustafson, discussing the American political division over the war in Iraq: Abandonment is Wrong.
June 2004: EPIC Board Member John Howley wrote a compelling policy piece over the issue of unemployment in Iraq: Iraq Jobs Crisis.

Partnership with George Mason University

In Iraq, where foreign intervention abruptly ended decades of military dictatorship and created political upheaval and conflict around the formation of a new government, the question of what is a citizen is a new, and as yet unanswered, query. Understanding notions of citizenship can stimulate Iraqi youths’ engagement with their own nations’ and international civic and political processes.
With support from the Mason Center for International Education and the Center for Global Studies of George Mason University, Professor Kristien Zenkov is bringing his latest research project, “Picturing a ‘Global’ Citizen” to Iraq. His research will utilize photo elicitation methods to explore Iraqi youths’ ideas about citizenship and offer important insights into the notion of active “global citizenship.” This inquiry will result in significant findings related to youths’ perceptions of citizenship, civic leadership, and social transformation that will inform researchers, educators, and policy makers and be shared in visceral public and scholarly forms.

The Ground Truth Project

The Ground Truth Project is a series of interviews offering unique perspectives from Iraqis, aid workers, returning soldiers, and others who have lived, worked, or served in Iraq. The Ground Truth Project provides Americans with unparalleled access to first-hand accounts of the daily realities of life in Iraq. EPIC hopes these interviews will inspire meaningful policy change and citizen action in support of a better future for all Iraqis.