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Tent Education

A rapid impact project to support the education of Syrian children 


More than 220,000 Syrian refugees are currently registered in Iraq alone. No group has suffered more from this conflict than the children of Syria. This generation of youth have been traumatized by violence, uprooted from their homes, schools and communities and now find themselves living in overcrowded tents in unfamiliar settings. Only 30% of these young refugees are attending classes in the camps. Those not enrolled in schools are increasingly becoming victims of child labor, sexual exploitation, and forced child marriages. Left unchecked, this tragedy will yield a generation of Syrians who are illiterate and unqualified for professional work—and more likely to be victimized by extremist rhetoric. 

"Iraqi Kurdistan"
“Iraqi Kurdistan”


Our goal is to support the schools in Domiz and Gawilan refugee camps in northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan). Tailored support will be provided in direct response to the requests and needs of school officials and students in the two camps. If you invest in a worthy cause on occasion, please consider contributing to this one.


TentEd co-founders and veteran U.S. soldiers Zack Bazzi, Scott Quilty and Patrick Hu understand the need for small, agile teams in tackling big problems. They put their 40 years of combined military, nonprofit and business experience to work designing, planning and implementing the initiative. Zack created strong contacts when volunteering at the Syrian refugee camps in the Kurdish region of Iraq, where he met TentEd’s contact Hassan Azadeen Ayoub, assistant principal in Gawilan Refugee Camp.


Why us? We understand that you may have some questions. Please visit our (FAQ) page for those answers.