An Iraq Update: A Look At The Iraqi Security Crisis

Podcast Icon SilverWhat should you know about the Iraq crisis? What are the main viewpoints that the Western media uses when discussing Iraq? Our latest Iraq Updates review the Iraqi security situation and how the international community has responded.

The two interviews below are with Joel Wing of Musings on Iraq. The first interview was conducted during the beginning of the crisis while the second interview is from last week. These two interviews compliment each other as they showcase the rapid changes in the crisis. The Urgent Update interview focuses more on the ongoing security crisis, Kurdistan and the political atmosphere. While, the Latest Developments in Iraq focuses on the danger of rise of militias, Maliki and what Joel reads to stay informed about the crisis.  With that in mind, how can you stay up-to-date on the crisis?Many Iraqi IDPs that have fled violence in recent weeks have been moved into camps like these in Northern Iraq.

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