Before Midnight…

A snapshot of ‘Cinema Night’ at the Gawilan Syrian Refugee Camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

TentEdIn the last few weeks, the outpouring of support for TentEd has been inspiring and we have raised $14,500 thanks to all of the supporters. For those who have not yet contributed or would like to make an additional contribution, please donate before midnight!

As I just arrived in Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, I immediately started working with government officials in Camp Domiz and Camp Gawilan, as well as collaborating with UN administrators, to document the unmet educational needs of the Syrian children and educators in the camps. All donations will go directly towards purchasing and distributing school supplies such as backpacks, notebooks, books, and teaching aids.

As the deadline closes in, every contribution helps toward our goals and  even $10 can help make a difference. TentEd aims to help improve the education experience of children who survived a brutal conflict. Please donate before midnight and I hope – with your help – to show that America cares. With your support, we will get this done. If you would like to learn more about how I plan to execute TentEd, make sure you tune into my latest conversation with Erik Gustafson on the Season 2 Premiere of IRAQ MATTERS podcast.

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