Calling Iraqi-Americans!

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center’s Connection Initiative brings together members of the Iraqi diaspora living in the United States and civil society organizations in Iraq who need contributions of time and talent.

Over the past several months, we have reached out to dozens of Iraqi NGOs working on the front lines of government accountability, minority protection, youth empowerment, gender equality, emergency relief, and more. These organizations have shared with us the skills they are seeking in order to grow their capacity, strengthen their mission, and help more people. What we need now are Iraqi-American volunteers to work with them virtually (via the Internet) or on-the-ground in Iraq.

Our website features a listing of the volunteer opportunities we have available with these organizations. Even if you do not see something that interests you, we hope you will register to stay on top of future opportunities.

For 20 years, EPIC has worked with the Iraqi people to enhance understanding, monitor the crisis, and provide relief. Join us!

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