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As we recently shared, 2018 is starting out to be a year of hope and opportunity for sustained peace in Iraq and the staff at EPIC is working hard each day to enhance understanding of Iraq’s story, monitor the crisis to promote better public policy, and provide relief on the… Read more

ISHM: February 2 – 8, 2018

This week's headlines: U.S. Begins Drawing Down in Iraq, Encourages Greater Role for NATO ▪ UNAMI Launches Recovery Program, International Community Presses Private Sector Investment Ahead of Kuwait Conference ▪ Electricity Minister Questioned by Parliament ▪ Three Kurdish MPs Suspended Amid Budget Impasse ▪ Security Forces Target “White Flags,” ISIS in Hamrin Mountain Region ▪ France Will “Intervene” if French Citizen ISIS Members are Sentenced to Death

ISHM: January 26 – February 1, 2018

This week's headlines: Demonstrators, KRG Condemn Turkish Action Against Syrian Kurds ▪ Political Alliances Develop Ahead of Election; Dep Sec Sullivan Visits Iraq ▪ Federal Budget Stalls Without Kurdish Support ▪ Coalition Airstrike Blamed for Friendly Fire Fatalities ▪ Sistani’s Representative Attacked in Karbala ▪ Disappointed at Davos, Abadi Looks Ahead to Kuwait Pledging Conference

ISHM: January 19 – 25, 2018

This week's headlines: Court, Parliament Finalize Date for National Elections ▪ IEDs Continue to Pose Risks to Returning IDPs ▪ Attacks by ISIS Insurgents Lead to Change in Tactics, More Training ▪ Turkish Action in Syria May Leave Border Vulnerable ▪ Barzani, Abadi Meet on Sidelines at Davos in Show of Cooperation ▪ German Woman Sentenced to Death in Iraq for Supporting ISIS ▪ Sandstorm and Bird Flu Contribute to Regional Health Problems

ISHM: January 5 – 18 , 2018

This week's headlines: Suicide Attacks Roil Baghdad ▪ Concern Over Forced IDP Returns Mounts Ahead of Election Date Decision ▪ KRG, Federal Government Begin Negotiations ▪ Federal Budget Still Without Consensus as Kurds Boycott Parliament ▪ Sporadic ISIS Attacks Linger, Despite Territorial Losses ▪ U.S. and Germany Lead Funding Ahead of Kuwait Pledging Conference ▪ U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Unrelated to Combat

Before Midnight…

Since 2014, EPIC has delivered emergency assistance to more than 60,000 displaced men, women, and children affected by violence in Iraq…and in 2018, we will do even more with your support. Our fiscal year comes to a close at midnight tonight and we need your fully tax-deductible gift to help… Read more

Looking Ahead to 2018

The progress of peace over the past year in Iraq marks a most significant turning point toward hope and opportunity. In the coming year, we must join together and continue to support Iraq’s next steps toward lasting security and prosperity so that peace can endure for generations to come. We… Read more