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TentEd in 3D

It has been a productive month for TentEd. In the past two weeks, we organized two cinema trips for nearly 200 displaced children, providing them, and their parents, a welcome respite from the monotony of life away from their homes. We also helped stand up summer school at Kawergosk Refugee… Read more

TentEd: Our Progress Continues

  Last week we organized a TentEd fundraiser and raised more than $11,000 in one evening. That is because of a growing group of supporters who not only believe in the importance of education for displaced children, but also in TentEd’s approach to achieving meaningful impact: rapid, agile and responsive… Read more

Welcome to Tent Ed 2.0

It is getting really cold in Iraq. As aid agencies scramble to provide shelter for two million recently displaced Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, there are still families and children who have not yet been reached. In a complex humanitarian emergency of this scale, there will always… Read more

TentEd Supports 200 Urban Displaced Syrian Students in Erbil

** UPDATE: The TentEd Project Update reviews the impact TentEd had in Erbil and the Domiz Refugee Camp in five weeks. ** Greetings from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq! No doubt you’ve heard reports of the lightening-pace developments that are tearing the region, especially Iraq, at the seams. Despite this… Read more