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The Great Escape

Sarah Walker in Ecuador My mom bought me my first pair of tap shoes when I was five so that I could release my pent-up energy in a productive, artistic manner instead of banging pots with a spatula in my kitchen. Fast-forward to the present, the nascent stage of my… Read more

Passion Sparked by Gap Year

Tarai in India with Thinking Beyond Borders (2013) My name is Tarai Zemba, and I am a rising junior at Scripps College in Claremont, California (though I am originally from Rhode Island). I am a politics and international relations major with a minor in Spanish, and I first became fascinated… Read more

Regaining Hope: An Iraqi Perspective

Many people might think that the question, “Why does Iraq still matter?” should be easy for an Iraqi like myself to answer. However, it is actually very difficult because in order to answer I must include my entire life; my family, my friends, my memories, and my country. I was… Read more

Common Language, Common Ground

I will always remember the very first day that I ever spent outside the United States. I was in a campground (yes, campground) in Paris, waiting to register my tent. I was behind a Japanese family using English with the Italian employees at this French business. It was an incredible… Read more

Foundations for the Future

Growing up in the New York metro area the events of 9/11 certainly shaped my generation. Less than two years after 9/11 I was finishing high school and preparing to start college unsure of what to study. In the middle of all these events, the United States began the 2003… Read more

Found: Conflict Resolution Intern!

Thanks to all who heard our call for a Conflict Resolution and helped spread the word! I am pleased to announce that we have found a terrific intern to help us research and design our on the ground projects in Iraq! Thomas Oldfield is currently the Mustafa Barzani Graduate Peace… Read more