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Poetry and Headaches

Last week, the surprising message “Pre-orders for Saif Alsaegh’s book Iraqi Headaches are live!” popped up on my Facebook news feed. A former student of mine is publishing a book? And how quickly can I brag about this to my friends and family? Saif studied academic essay writing with me… Read more

#STARTARYOT for Photovoice: Iraq

EPIC is committed to implementing programs that mitigate the challenges that many young Iraqis face like poor education, unemployment, ongoing violence, and displacement. Last year EPIC successfully raised over $29,500 through crowd-funding to pilot a Photovoice program in the city of Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, scheduled to begin this… Read more


Two years ago, I had a science teacher who maintained that the Middle East was a lost cause, believing it was in a perpetual state of war since the moment it was settled. Along with illustrating that having a science degree does not make you qualified to talk about history,… Read more