New EPIC Summer 2014 Intern: Beginnings of the next chapter

Mark Abman Blog Photo
Mark at the Mount of the Holy Cross in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

My name is Mark Abman and I recently graduated from Occidental College. As a Diplomacy and world Affairs major I emphasized in Middle East politics and international security. Throughout the time I had the privilege to study in Jordan, work with international refugees in Denver, and work with the Permanent Mission of Malta to the United Nations. I hope to go to graduate school, before pursuing a career in conflict management and peace building.

My interest in the MENA region and Peace operations stems from my work with resettled refugees in Denver during the summer of 2011. The experience removed conflict from abstraction, offering me daily individual accounts of intrastate conflicts and their tolls. From the experience I committed to gaining further academic and professional experience in fields from development, conflict management, politics, and diplomacy.

I look forward to working for EPIC as it pursues its goals of empowering Iraqi youth for a brighter tomorrow. The opportunity to gain valuable professional skills, further learn about Iraq, and garner international support for Iraq make for an exciting upcoming summer.

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