New Goals for Soccer Salam

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Soccer Salam has changed lives.

Families forced to flee violence find it difficult to trust others – even those of us who want to help. But we discovered that using soccer as an entry point into their lives allows these families to get to know us, and eventually share their needs with us, accept our help, and become members of our family.

Support the continued success of Soccer Salam.

Last year we earned the trust of 2,754 families across Iraq. For 2016, we are already working to:

1. Assess the needs of young people impacted by a suicide bombing at their soccer field in Asriya, south of Baghdad;

2. Support families returning to cities recently cleared of ISIS, like Ramadi; and

3. Revisit communities we have already reached, like al-Alam, to ensure they have what they need while they are displaced from their homes.

In order to build on our momentum of trust and accomplish these tasks, we urgently need your help as time is running out.

We have just eight days left to reach our fundraising goal and we still have a long way to go. We will not make it without all of our supporters reaching deep into their hearts and making a gift.

Please do so today.

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Mark Seaman

About Mark Seaman

Mark is committed to building more sustainable, human-centered solutions in Iraq and promoting peace through education around the world. He is Director of Development & Communications at EPIC.