Not Just Your Ordinary Happy Hour

EPIC's supporters meet in Washington, DC to support Tent Ed 2.0.

This month, EPIC hosted a fundraiser for TentEd 2.0 at the Saloon in Washington, DC. As an intern, it was great to get out of the office, enjoy DC nightlife, and reach out to EPIC’s expansive and diverse community. We had such an amazing turnout and it was  exciting to see how many people came to support TentEd’s initiatives in Iraq.


It was a successful night, to say the least. We raised nearly $4,000, bringing us much closer to our goal of $15,000 before Zach heads back to Iraq next month. The night featured a video about a young Syrian refugee who has benefited from TentEd first projects in Iraq and a chance to talk to the driving force behind TentEd, Zach Bazzi.


Haven’t heard of TentEd yet? Here’s how we work:

  •  We rely 110% on private contributions through the steadfast support of donors.
  • Zach travels to Iraq and connects with school administrators,civil society leaders, and organizations on the ground to most effectively reach out to Syrian refugee children and their families in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  • We use the funds from our generous donors to purchase school supplies and provide safe and convenient transportation for these children.

Last time, we were able to provide a school library with Arabic language books, classroom essentials for a refugee school in Domiz, three months of bus transportation for refugee children, 200 school uniforms, and 200 school stationary kits.

We’re going back in December to continue our support of Syrian refugee children, as well as ways to relieve families living in harsh winter conditions and evaluating the needs of displaced Iraqi children in IDP camps.


Sometimes, as an individual, we might feel hopeless in the face of so many kids in need. Can our donations actually make a difference? And even if you want to give, there’s so many organizations to choose from, how do you know who to contribute to? Let me tell you, TentEd is the way to go.

TentEd has an important mission, realistic expectations, on-the-ground experience and connections in Iraq, and measurable results. We have given children the chance to have an education, even in the face of crisis, and we are going to do it again this December!


As of today, we have raised $11,923, thanks to our always-supportive EPIC community. This brings us so close to our goal of $15,000. So help us give the children of Iraq and Syria a better life and donate now!

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