#3: Is Iraq’s Oil a Blessing or a Curse?

Here at EPIC, we are thrilled to announce the release of the third episode of Iraq Matters: an EPIC podcast, bringing you the latest news, ideas, and conversations about Iraq from experts in the field.

Bilal's Interview Picture
Bilal Wahab at George Mason University’s School of Public Policy.

In this episode,  Professor Bilal Wahab of the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani (AUIS) tackles the crucial question: Does Iraq’s oil wealth help or harm the country’s (and Kurdistan Region’s) prospects for economic development and democracy? Episode three also features a compelling exchange between Phebe Marr and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari at the  Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) about Iraq’s progress in passing a hydrocarbon law. Additionally Musings on Iraq blogger Joel Wing gives us an Iraq Update, and for our Culture Corner, Ahmed Ali speaks on popular trends among the youth of Iraq.

From the epic of Gilgamesh to recent political developments ahead of next year’s national parliamentary elections, we believe that Iraq Matters and we’re passionately interested in matters of Iraq. We also believe in the importance of raising awareness about the humanitarian needs of 3 million Iraqis who remain displaced by violence and 6 million Syrians who have been forced to flee their homes, 200,000 of whom are refugees in Iraq today.

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Tune in next week for a talk with Erik Gustafson on his recent trip to the refugee camps of the Kurdistan Region and an informative interview with Kyle Long from AUIS about education in Iraq.

Time Index
Introduction – 0:00
Lay of the Land and Campaign Update – 1:04
Iraq Update with Joel Wing – 4:32
Featured Guest Interview (part 1): Bilal Wahab – Oil and Economic Development – 6:26
Status of Iraq’s Hydrocarbon Law with Foreign Minister – 23:49
Featured Guest Interview (part 2): Bilal Wahab – Oil and Democracy – 28:50
Culture Corner with Ahmed Ali – 40:31
Endcap – 44:45

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One Comment

  • Iraq’s Oil is in the control of the Government officials that are part of Militia group that steels the money from the oil sale, also the same officials use the money from oil sale to buy weapons to strengthen their militia and to cause mass violence amount to atrocities where the poor, innocent, & vulnerable are most times the victim of such violence. The Iraqi Christians and the Iraqi Jews are prevented and are not included in the Iraq’s oil sales profits, and they are discriminated minorities. USA Gov. & World leaders have turned the death ear, and silent tongue to speak about such wrong doing toward the Christians of Iraq, as they are considered human sacrifice. Because the leaders of Iraq that control the Iraqi Oil including the Iragi Kurds are bias toward Christians that prevent Iraqi Christians to hold the important Ministerial position, the Iraqi people the poor, needy, elderly, etc. will never receive the proper education, medication, housing, the daily needed utilities etc. It is only a good Iraqi Christian if they were to hold the important ministerial position the nation of Iraq would become modern advanced country where all people would be able to receive the daily necessity as other modern countries, otherwise Iraqi people will continue to suffer in everyday life threatening violence lacking all necessities of other modern civilized nation. We stand against such controlling leaders as they are considered Terrorists.


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