Soccer Salam UPDATE

Girls in Khalidya

Last month we launched an ambitious campaign to raise $25,000 in 30 days for children and families fleeing violence in Iraq. The generosity of our friends and supporters has put us nearly two-thirds of the way there!

But we cannot stop now. Attacks by ISIS militants over the past two weeks have rocked parts of Baghdad while fighting intensifies in Fallujah and Mosul. In cities like Ramadi that have already been liberated from ISIS, returning families are finding their homes destroyed and basic necessities like food and clean water unavailable.

Progress is coming, but your help is needed now more than ever.

To meet the needs of vulnerable families who remain displaced from their homes, and to help returning families begin the process of rebuilding their lives, we need your help to reach our goal byFriday, June 10.

Many of you have donated generously to our campaign – some of you have made two or three gifts! – and we could not be more grateful. But to close the final distance, we will need each and every supporter like you to donate and share our cause with your networks today.

On behalf of our partners and the families who need us – thank you for investing in a safer, brighter future for the children of Iraq.

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