#STARTARYOT for Photovoice: Iraq

EPIC is committed to implementing programs that mitigate the challenges that many young Iraqis face like poor education, unemployment, ongoing violence, and displacement. Last year EPIC successfully raised over $29,500 through crowd-funding to pilot a Photovoice program in the city of Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, scheduled to begin this fall.

Photovoice is a method that combines photography with community-based social action. For 10 weeks, a diverse group of Iraqi youth will use cameras and personal narratives to explore how Iraq has changed, and how that change is affecting their lives and future aspirations. Then, they will photograph and write about the positive change that they hope to see within their lifetimes, and how they see themselves being a part of that change.

We are so enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with students in Iraq, that we are planning to expand our program to Baghdad and Domiz. With this expansion, we will be able to implement Photovoice into areas of Iraq that are facing some of the most dramatic change.

To fund our new vision for the program, we have joined the #STARTARYOT Challenge on Crowdrise through September 24th. They’re giving away $200,000 in cash prizes to causes like ours, and it is an exciting opportunity to compete against other charities for donations. The charity that raises the most throughout the Challenge gets $75,000, second place gets $50,000 and third gets $25,000. We’re out to raise as much money as possible for Photovoice so we can win that $75,000 grand prize donation and impact the lives of more Iraqi youth.

Please help transform the lives of youth in war-torn Iraq, donate to our #STARTARYOT Challenge on Crowdrise today!

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