Two weeks left…

Little Boy

Non-soccer fans may not understand the game’s ability to unify. But in Iraq, soccer makes communities forget their differences – at least for a moment – and celebrate instead the things that we share.

You may have read the heartbreaking series by Liz Sly of theWashington Post about the suicide bombing at a youth soccer game in Asriya, just south of Baghdad, last month. In that cowardly instance, ISIS was not just attacking a soccer game, they were attacking the unifying effect and feeling of belonging that the game provides.

Now more than ever, Iraqis need to be united. Soccer Salam helps children and families affected by violence by addressing their most urgent needs – and also helps communities begin the healing process by distributing soccer balls and equipment.

We have less than two weeks left to meet our fundraising goal and we desperately need your help to reach more families in more places like Asriya.

I know that there are people, like you, who truly care about what others are going through and want to help. I am asking you to please donate generously and help us do all that we can to create a future for Iraq’s children.

Please join us, today.

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