Urge President Obama to do more to end the violence

As reported by Kelly McEvers (@KellyMcEvers) this morning on NPR, Iraqis are facing the worst violence since the country’s sectarian war of 2006 and 2007.

Since April, waves of car bombs and other sectarian attacks targeting civilians have killed thousands. The Syrian civil war and the Iraqi government’s deadly crackdown on Sunni protests are major drivers of the escalating violence and political tensions in Iraq.

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If left unchecked, renewed civil war in Iraq and a widening regional conflict are all but inevitable. Strong US and international diplomacy are urgently needed to reverse that trend. As the lead country that started the war in Iraq, the US must do more to help end the violence.

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The escalating violence demands more attention at the highest levels, and Presidential leadership can make a critical difference. Yet for the first 120 days of his second term, President Barack Obama did not publicly mention Iraq once. Now the President is proposing 70 to 95% cuts in US funding for Iraqi peacebuilding, human rights, and civil society.

You can help. Join us in urging President Obama to do more to help end the violence. Iraq matters, and so does his leadership.

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