What if our lives were reversed?

Girls Smiling
“What if our lives were reversed? What if violence displaced us from our homes? What conversations might we have with our children? How would we deal with a future of uncertainty and insecurity?”

These difficult questions were asked by Soccer Salam partner and Iraq War veteran Rick Burns, and the only answer is that we would hope to count on the support of others while doing our best to help ourselves.

But the reality is that Iraqi children and families displaced by violence are counting on you. We have just three weeks left to raise $25,000 for Soccer Salam before the start of summer. While we are off to a good start thanks to those who have already made a contribution, we have a long way to go.

We know that when families are forced to flee their homes because of violence, they find it difficult to trust others. Soccer is our entry point into their lives and provides us with the opportunity to deliver the humanitarian aid they urgently need. They come to trust us, understand the volunteer spirit, and become members of our family. And when they do, they want to be a part of our mission:contributing to a more peaceful Iraq.

It is difficult to imagine ourselves in the same situation, but it would be more difficult to imagine a world in which no one helped.

Please join Rick and our other Soccer Salam team members today.

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