Our Emergency Response initiative is a lifesaving effort to address the most urgent needs of those in danger.


The city of Mosul fell under the brutal occupation of the self-proclaimed Islamic State in June 2014. Since that time, it has witnessed unimaginable atrocities at the hands of ISIS: women are brutally raped, teenage boys are burned alive for refusing to adhere to ISIS ideology, citizens attempting to flee are shot, drowned, and worse. The need to rid this ancient and once beautiful city of the evils of ISIS is abundantly clear and the Iraqi Security Forces, Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, U.S.-led coalition, and other allies are in the final stages of accomplishing that very task.

When the challenges of the situation became evident, EPIC sprang into action in order to help address the unmet need. Earlier this year, EPIC invested $7,000 in equipment and medicine for an ER in the first Primary Healthcare Center to reopen in western Mosul. We teamed up with our on-the-ground partners at the Iraq Health Access Organization to provide basic medical care in recently cleared portions of Mosul. But the aid we have been able to provide is limited to the contributions we receive from the public. Unlike our Soccer Salam initiative which operates in more relatively safe portions of Iraq, our Emergency Response program focuses emergency environments and will expand operations outside of Mosul should the need arise and funding be available.

The families living in fear and in need of care deserve our immediate attention.
To join us in making a difference, please contribute today.