Inauguration Day

As Donald Trump takes the oath of office at noon today, over 1.5 million children in Iraq remain displaced from their homes by violence, 70% of families across the country rank food insecurity as their number one concern, and over one million innocent civilians are trapped by their ISIS captors in western Mosul.

At EPIC, we are ready to educate his administration and Congress about the importance of continued U.S. leadership in assisting with security and providing comfort amid the ongoing crisis – but we need your help.

We recently published a list of the top four things Trump needs to know about Iraq in The Hill – and will soon release a report on Obama’s legacy in the country. In addition, we have recommitted ourselves to delivering food, water, medicine, and other much-needed resources to displaced families as often as we can in 2017 through our Soccer Salam program, and will keep you informed of that progress in the coming weeks.

However you are feeling today, the EPIC community’s work must continue over the next four years and beyond. Please consider making a gift to help enable peace and prosperity for Iraq’s young people.

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