Why Crowdfunding?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

-Margaret Mead

This quote has been adopted and shared by organizations of nearly every kind.  I once lived in a house where it was scrawled on a napkin and taped above the sink as a plea  to do the dishes.  When I was teaching high school history I kept it written on the board for weeks, egging on my students to ask for examples of when a small group of people had actually changed the world.  (For the record I had no trouble answering this question, but more importantly, nor did my students after a few weeks). It is a somewhat overused quote because it is true.

At EPIC we are a “small group of thoughtful committed citizens”.  We are optimists who truly believe we can change the world, and  we know other thoughtful committed people will want to share in this goal.  That is why we are using Crowdfunding for our project PHOTOVOICE IRAQ: Picturing Change.

Margaret Mead

More than 140 people have already contributed to the project; over 100 people have already demonstrated their commitment to peace and empowerment for young people in Iraq.  We know that  another 100 of you will help us reach our goal in the next four days.

The surprising thing about this quote  when it was taped above the sink in my old house is that it actually made me do the dishes.  When I wrote it on my classroom’s whiteboard it made my students ask more questions about when people had changed the world.  This quote changed behaviors because it appeals to something in our consciences.  We want to make the world a better place, and we know we have the power to do so.

I’ll pose the same question I asked my students: when have you seen a small group of people change the world? At EPIC I see it happen everyday, and with your donation to PHOTOVOICE IRAQ: Picturing Change you can be part of that process.

Demonstrate your commitment to promoting peace in Iraq today.  We have only four more days to meet our goal, but we know we can do it with your help.


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