Why Does Iraq Matter?

Here at EPIC, we tell you every day why we believe that Iraq matters. However, we have no way of telling the whole story. Our experiences and stories only give you partial glimpses into  why President Obama needs to put Iraq back on his administration’s agenda. However, with the help of several of our supporters, we can paint a more complete picture. The following are comments left by signers of our petition on Change.org to “Put Iraq Back on the Agenda.” Comments like these reminds us why we must do all that we can to win U.S. support for a clear, long-term strategy for peace in Iraq.

From personal experiences…
    “Two weeks ago my little cousin was killed in a bombing in Baghdad. I have not felt as helpless before in my life. Who to turn to? Who is going to pay for his death? Why do Iraqis in Iraq have to suffer every day from this chaos that the U.S. government have left them in, while we Americans can live here in prosperity and safety as if nothing has happened? I am an Iraqi American who is concerned all the time about the lives of members of my family and friends and I believe I cannot turn to anyone but this petition to speak up about this issue.”
    -Rasha Sharhan, Exton, PA
    “I don’t have another homeland.”
    -Aola Hussein, Baghdad, IRAQ
    “As an OIF Veteran I would like to see justice and support for the Iraqi people.”
    -Garett Reppenhagen, Denver, CO
    “Because I want to participate in the rebuilding of my country.”
    -Dhergham Al-Jarrah, Baghdad, IRAQ
    “I think USA holds the keys to Iraq’s stability. I ask for peace in my country.”
    -Shawqi Gazala, Baghdad, IRAQ
    “I lived for two years in Iraq – we haven’t finished the job there – people are still suffering from the chaos that the war brought on.”
    -Emily Gish, Washington DC
To simply knowing that helping Iraq is the right thing to do…
    “For every child who lost his parents, put Iraq back on the agenda.”
    -Hussein Kadhim, Diwaniyah, IRAQ
    “Humanitarian assistance is our most powerful way to true peace. We have the opportunity to unite the world in peace and compassion.”
    -Martha Hill, Ann Arbor, MI
    “I would like Iraq to go back to the normal way of life and live in peace… No more killing, No more fear”
    -Hussein Khatab, UK
    “We have a moral obligation to do all we can to help end the violence.”
    -Jack Stansfield, Stanwood, WA
    “A stable Iraq is a stable Middle East. A stable Middle East is a stable world.”
    -Omri Rahmil, San Jose, CA
    “The United States created a power vacuum when I left Iraq; it needs to create a new Marshall Plan in order to sustain the transition to a healthy state no matter the immediate economic benefit to us. Sometimes doing the right thing requires that we remember that, at one point, we did the wrong thing.”
    -Joshua Stafford, Sonora, CA

People around the world believe that Iraq Matters. Do you? If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to sign our petition urging President Obama to put Iraq back on the agenda. You can easily share our petition with your family and friends via the convenient sharing tools on our Change.org petition page, or by simply sending them this link: http://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-put-iraq-back-on-the-agenda. With your help, we’ll be able to reach our goal of 10,000 signatures!

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